Bicycle Mounting Straps manual

Step by step Manual:


Does it fit my bike?

Most likely it fits onto your rear end rack and/or your handlebar. The bicycle straps are universal and made to fit the majority of bikes.

Before attaching your OAKS & PHOENIX bag onto your handlebar you have to check the distance between the lowest point on your handlebar and your front end fender/tyre.

Chief Bag - at least 30 cm
Arctic Backpack Day Bag - at least 32 cm
Arctic Backpack Weekender - at least 38 cm


Video Instruction:



The bag and bicycle mounting straps must not interfere with any bicycle controls or your ability to use them.
Make sure the bag and bicycle straps do not interfere with shifter or brake cables.
Do not overload - Maximum recommended loading capacity is 10 kg.
Do not use in aggressive bike riding.
Be aware that attaching a bag to your bike will affect how your bicycle handles.
Always refer to instructions provided with this product and with your bicycle before attaching the bicycle straps and bag(s) to your bicycle.
Do only use OAKS & PHOENIX bags together with the bicycle mounting straps.
Always inspect your bicycle mounting straps and bag(s) for wear and tear before use.

    Final Inspection:

    Straddle your bike and try all the controls. Make sure that the bag and bicycle straps does not block or impair your ability to reach or use any controls.
    Lift the bike and spin the wheels. Make sure that the bag or bicycle straps does not block or impair the wheels from spinning.
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