Touring Kit Offer ( Black ) - Buy 3 bags and get a Mounting Kit and a pair of Magnet Straps for free


Buy three bags and receive a Motorcycle Mounting Kit and a pair of Motorcycle Magnet straps for free. 


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Motorcycle Mounting Kit:

Does it fit my motorcycle?

This Motorcycle Mounting Kit is designed to fit almost every motorcycle with a double seat. But there may be some limitations depending on the length and height of your seat.

Can I use another bag with the motorcycle mounting kit?

This Motorcycle Mounting Kit is made to fit OAKS & PHOENIX bags only. OAKS & PHOENIX does not take any responsibility if you attach any other bag(s) or item(s) to the mounting kit.

Is it safe?

The Motorcycle Mounting Kit is made by the same materials as used for climbing harnesses. The product is well-tested and there is no risk of dangerous hazards, if the mounting kit is attached properly. Always follow our guidelines in our manual before driving.

Can I sit on the seat pads?

The seat pads are made to be sit on - padded with a layer of soft rubber and fitted with slim buckles in order to make it comfortable to sit on.

Motorcycle Magnet Straps:

Does it fit my gas tank? 

The Motorcycle Magnet Straps are universal and are made to fit most tanks, though there can be some limitations in order of size and angle of the tank. The magnet straps are made to keep your OAKS & PHOENIX bag stabilized and in position - make sure you read the magnet straps guide.

Does it scratch my gas tank? 

All OAKS & PHOENIX bags are designed with removable split key rings to make sure that only leather faces the tank. 

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