If you take proper care of your OAKS & PHOENIX bag, it will last for decades and the leather will age gracefully. When you purchase your OAKS & PHOENIX bag it will not require any kind of treatment, as all our products are pre-treated from our workshop. Our products are made for everyday use, which is why we recommend that you treat it with conditioner once or twice a year, according to the following steps. Treating your bag with conditioner preserves and nurtures the leather, and makes your OAKS & PHOENIX bag tear-proof and resistant to dirt.
Be aware that adding leather conditioner will darken your bag. To observe how the leather reacts to your chosen conditioner, always apply the product on a small invisible spot before you treat the whole bag. 
1. Apply gently onto leather with a sponge with circular movements.
2. Use only as much as is naturally absorbed by leather.
3. Allow leather to dry, and buff any residue.
4. Let the leather air dry