We enjoy the raw aesthetics of the vintage bike - The very same look we are aiming for in our simple but unique designs. All materials are carefully selected and of highest quality. We make sure that our products can ride along for many years to come.



We've chosen full grain leather from free-range buffalos, because of it's raw texture and distinctive look of the leather.

Full-grain leather simply implies that the leather goes immediately into the tanning process, when the hair/fur is removed. This way all of the original characteristics of the leather remain intact. All evidence of their life in nature shows up as scars, scrapes, and general imperfections. The massive animal get scarred as they rub against trees, get bitten by bugs, fight with other buffalos in their herd, and roll around on the ground to scratch their backs.

To avis removing any marks, the leather has not been sanded or buffed. The entire thickness of the skin is preserved, which makes full-grain leather the strongest and most durable type of leather. This is what we love at OAKS & PHOENIX, and what gives each bag its own personal story and character. 



The Zippers we use are produces in metal by YKK. These zippers are heavy-duty, 8mm in width, and extremely durable. All buckles are custom-made for OAKS & PHOENIX bags. Like the zippers, they are made of metal to ensure durability and safety, and are easy to use and adjust.



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