Motorcycle Mounting Kit Manual


Does it fit my motorcycle?

The Mounting Kit is designed to fit all motorcycles with a double seat. 

Can I use another bag to the Mounting Kit?

The Mounting Kit is made to fit only OAKS & PHOENIX bags. OAKS & PHOENIX does not take any responsibility if you attach other bags or items onto the mounting kit.

Is it safe?

The Mounting Kit is made by the same materials as used for climbing harnesses. The product is well tested and there are no risk of dangerous hazards, if the Mounting Kit are attached properly. Always follow our guidelines in our manual before setting off.

Can I sit on the seat pads?

The seat pads are made to be sit on - padded with a layer of soft rubber and fitted with slim buckles in order to make it comfortable to sit on.

Video Instruction:


The bag(s) and all components of the Mounting Kit must not be in contact with any moving parts of the motorcycle.

The bag(s) and all components of the Mounting Kit should remain at least 10 cm. from all heating parts of the motorcycle and remain clear of the exhaust steam.

Do not overload - Maximum recommended loading capacity is 15 kg.

Do only attach OAKS & PHOENIX bags to the Mounting Kit.

Always refer to instructions provided with this product and your motorcycle before attaching the Mounting Kit and bag(s) to your motorcycle. 

Inspect Mounting Kit and bag(s) for signs of wear and tear before use.

Final Inspection:

Make sure that all components and straps do not contact any hot or moving parts.

Compress the suspension fully several times to make sure that no straps are lose and free of heating and moving parts.

Be aware that when climbing the motorcycle the Mounting Kit and bag(s) might decent to a lower level in reach of a heating and/or moving parts.
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